DC v. London

I have been thinking about a post comparing and contrasting DC and London for months now.  I have toyed around with it for the last few weeks and I realized something–they are a lot more alike than I realized…

So much for a witty comparison. I put my more obvious and less witty observations below anyway, because I couldn’t leave you with nothing. To those who haven’t been to London, this could seem interesting, but overall I’ve learned that cities are more alike than they appear to be at first (similar to what I was talking about in this post).

I wanted to make this post because the atmosphere feels different and the culture is new in a lot of ways. Walking around the city doesn’t always feel the same as when I walked around DC, but when it comes time to pinpoint those differences it becomes unclear. Yes the English talk differently and spell some words differently, but they do a lot of the same things as Americans. Easter seems to be a bigger deal here, Thanksgiving doesn’t exist (obviously), but holidays are spent much of the same way–food, drink, family and (hopefully) fun. Both deal with traffic (human, metro trains and cars), noise and tourists. Once you get used to that in one city, any other one feels a bit like home because of it.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some glaring error or defect (in either city), until then…my cop out: