Morning Pages

An update on where my head is: I am (slowly) working my way through the Artist’s Way, which entails a lot of things (I’m participating in an interview about Artist’s Way over on this blog), but one main activity is that every day I write my Morning Pages.  That means that every morning, during breakfast but before I shower, I write 750 words.  750 words is about three pages, at least according to (would recommend this site to those of you that want to try out such a project).

Sometimes these pages are diary-like rants or to do lists, but sometimes they are silly poems (that I post here) or other prose full of seeds for future writing projects. I’m so excited to be able to see what little germs of opportunities can just flow out of me while I’m writing without trying to write in the morning.  This weekend I’m going to take an “inventory” of everything in order to pick out what ideas I should move forward with.  I hope that I can start a short story or two from the ideas in my Morning Pages. Keep you posted!